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Fyndin' yer way through this fickle firkin be no easier durin' YoYo Day, tho' at least the openin's topside.
Climb on in, if ye've a mind to explore the lair of of the pirate captain who once sailed La Virago to these shores ~
~ an' dropped anchor for the last time...
Or, if 'ee would go On The Account with the Brethren O' The Coast,
'ave at ye treasure-trove o' yar Pyratey Linkes t' be found at ~
( 'tis about 8 fathoms, er, clicks, down they be... )
~ 'Trader Lyman's' YoYo Island Essentials & Survival Staples ~
at the
current Time-O-Day
Indexed for "Exoti-Cadets" -
Dive In...!
Yar Booty or scurvy Swag?
You decide, Matey...!
Contact Trader Lymin,
if Ye've a mind to...
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